Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beauty and the Beaux

It’s February 13th, which means love  in the air. Regardless of how you feel about tomorrow, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, you must acknowledge that couples are everywhere, and that they are kinda awesome. This morning I saw two people snuggling on the subway and while I would never personally take part in that sort of lovey-dovey behavior, I think it’s wonderful that two people can find each other that god damn adorable.

While you will obviously be pulling out all the stops with your lingerie choices tomorrow, there are some other lovely gifts you can bestow upon your significant other that are sure to please in the long run.

Most men take little to no care of their skin and hair when they are single, unless they have sisters or a really savvy mom. The typical male medicine cabinet contains cheap shaving cream, overly-scented deodorant, toothpaste, a plain, used-up bar of soap, the same hair product they’ve been using since they were thirteen, and maybe some mid-end cologne or after shave. The scene in the shower is even more dismal – Suave shampoo, more used-up soap or rusty body wash, and of course, a serious lack of conditioner. Despicable, boys.

So, this Valentine’s day, get your beaux some beauty products. They deserve soft skin, luscious locks, and elegant fragrance just as much as you do.

If you don't have a boyfriend, you'll like this post if only for the photos of hunky men that I have hand-selected and scrutinized.

If you live in NYC, head over to Min New York on Crosby Street. Describe your boyfriend and they will pick out the perfect mix of products in no time. He’ll adore the masculine, non-frilly feel of everything they sell and maybe even head there sometime to surprise you with an imported French-by-way-of-Morocco candle and dolled-up matches to light it with.

If that isn’t exactly an option, here are some picks to beautify your beaux:

Sorry, dudes, but the stubble only works if you can pull off a ruggedly handsome look like this guy all the time.
Kiehl’s Ultimate Brushless Shaving Cream

Buy this for your boyfriend if only to steal it right back. Seriously, it’s one of the best shaving creams on the market. With its mentholated tingling feel on skin, it raises the follicle for a seriously close shave. It doesn’t have an “old man smell” as reviews note, and looks really cool on the counter. Kiehl’s selection of mens products is the furthest thing from dandy, and they all work supremely well.

Uber-hunk Sean O'Pry clearly uses conditioning shampoo to achieve these feathery locks.
John Allan’s Sport Conditioning Shampoo

Obviously your boyfriend is athletic and on-the-go. What other way could he possibly be? That’s why he needs this 2-in-1 shampoo enriched with Panthenol to give hair moisture and shine while keeping the scalp balanced and deodorized through those long days at the office. The retro-inspired bottle is oh-so-chic and eliminates the need for multiple products, which is something most guys are seriously averse to. The blue color also screams “baby boy”.

The best Bond (Connery) obviously would buy his GF a Cartier bracelet.
Exchanging serious gifts (Cartier love bracelet, ladies?) on the 14th ? Set him up with this luxe shaving brush and matching stand by the Art of Shaving that simultaneously improves his bathroom d├ęcor’s elegance. He can use it to suds up his new Kiehl’s lotion and forget what days before his lovely girlfriend’s gifts were like, therefore making you irreplaceable (which we know you are, for many other reasons, of course).

Furry guys: so hot right now. I wouldn't mind trimming his nose hair.

True fact that no one likes to talk about: men need to trim their facial hair. And by facial hair, I mean eyebrows, nose hairs, and ear hairs. Kind of disgusting. Maybe even some creepily long chest hair that hangs out of the top of his shirts….I’m looking at you, Nev from Catfish. Make it less of a disgusting task by bestowing your man with these goof-proofscissors that ensure he doesn’t slice all of his brow hairs off (it’s okay if he “accidentally” removes all the nose and/or ear hairs, right?), leaving him to resemble Whoopi Goldberg (but if he does, let him know you will still love him).

This surfing hunk totes knows the importance of SPF (and if he doesn't...I think some ladies would be happy to teach) 

If there is one lesson you should teach your boyfriend, it is the power of daily SPF. If he starts now, he will look eons younger than his buddies in ten years. Make it simple for him by getting a lotion that contains high-quality sunscreen, such as Clinique Age Defense Hydrator SPF 15, even if he thinks he’s too young for “age defense”. For night, give him a luxe gel-cream like Givenchy’sMan-Pro Energizing Massive Moisturizer. Those rough patches you secretly want to put your super-feminine La Mer on will be a thing of the past in no time.

Smells like....Clark Kent super hunt hero
I have finally come to the true classic: cologne. While most men seem to be partial to the same damn one, I’ve decided that the following are the chicest choices: Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Byredo Mister Marvelous, and Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur. The latter two are in packaging so manly that a Harley Davidson could feel a little emasculated. They are all uniquely spicy scents that no other bro at his office will be wearing. Don’t be surprised if you see gals sniffing him in jealousy when you go out on the town together.