Friday, November 16, 2012

This Side of Paradise

"What a wonderful song, she thought-everything was wonderful tonight, most of all this romantic scene in the den with their hands clinging and the inevitable looming charmingly close. The future vista of her life seemed an unending succession of scenes like this: under moonlight and pale starlight, and in the backs of warm limousines and in low cosy roadsters stopped under sheltering trees-only the boy might change, and this one was so nice." 
  F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

Friday, November 9, 2012

Latest Obsessions: November Edition

         True life: I’m in love with lace-up heels. Ever since seeing the Alaia pair from several years ago on the feet of every street style star from New York to Paris, I’ve coveted some for myself. Unfortunately, the Alaias are nowhere to be found on Ebay, and other brands iterations are just not as cute. Thankfully (well, thanks to the fashion gods), I discovered Aquazzura’s resort shoe collection in both November’s Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar. Available at Saks and Shop Bop, this expensive but not outrageous shoe line is just what I’ve been looking for. Some of the best lace-ups I’ve seen. Now, just to save my money and patiently wait for resort to hit stores…
        I’ve been lusting after Jennifer Fisher’s jewelry for years, her make-your-own charm necklaces and slightly morbid charms are unique and perfect for everyday wear. Now that she is a CFDA/Vogue fashion fund finalist, I expect her pieces to be popping up at stores all over. While I save up for the perfect charm necklace, spider bangles, and several of her super cool rings, (probably for the next few years), check out her pieces at her appointment-only SoHo boutique or Barney’s Co-Op stores nationwide.

        I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I’m obsessed with dry shampoo. High to low, I’ve tried them all. Just a few days ago, unpacking my mammoth beauty product collection into my new bathroom shelving, I unearthed this gem. While I later found out its quite pricey ($32 a can), it is easily one of the best I’ve used. It’s a spray powder that mattifies, and really stretches your blowout for a few extra days. Sachajuan is a Swedish brand that is carried at salons, I recently saw their products and Fox + Boy Salon on Mulberry Street when I got a hair cut.

         I believe in beauty destiny. What does that mean you, ask? Well, if I read about a certain product in multiple publications, see it on Youtube, have it pop up on Facebook and on some of my favorite blogs, then I am meant to own it. The latest product to find its way into my hands via “beauty destiny”? Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Gothic, which is not even a new launch so if I’m reading so much about it, it must be amazing. And it is.  After storming the Duane Reade across the street and finally finding the only Gothic stain on the furthest reaches of the shelf, I’d say I worked hard for it, too. This dual-sided lip marker in a deep cherry red is ideal on its own for a Snow-Whiteish stain (with just a touch of mascara and dewy skin to modernize), or layered underneath a deeper red lipstick to extend lasting power and darken the tone.
My Custom Bedding
I saved the best for last. When I was in Delhi in April, I went to an amazing fabric bazaar and went a littttttle crazy. Well, not that crazy if you consider I spent under $100 and got stunning wedding sari fabric that would go for far more here. As I was frantically buying it, I came up with a plan: I would make it into bedding. Mostly since I don't have any fabulous events coming up to wear custom made gowns to (that would have been nice). So, I found a woman who created a duvet cover and some pillows for me. There are still a few more coming, but I'm so happy with how they turned out!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Leather Jacket (or Two)

       For years, I've lusted after leather jackets. Unfortunately, as I hope you are aware if you are reading this, the good ones can get expensive. Quite a chunk of change for a college student. And also almost impractical as it is bound to end up with sticky beer spilled on it by clumsy males and the odor of chain smokers that stand outside the bar.

       This year, I've decided to tone down my shopping, and only buy classics. What does that mean? I'll spend more money on something that isn't a one-season wonder. Things I can pull out in two years and not hate. It's not to say that I haven't purchased a few trendy items, but they've been from stores like Zara, so if I wear them once and the next Prada knock-off is all the rage, it's okay.

         I figured a leather jacket was one of those classics. I mean, I have been trying them on since high school. Well, leave it to me to buy not one, but two leather jackets. I am currently still trying to justify why I bought two.
         The first is made by Mackage, a company that makes gorgeous coats. I've had one for years that has held up beautifully. They just get jackets. I'm so happy I bought this. It's the perfect color of beat up deep indigo (instead of black), and goes with absolutely everything. It's buttery soft, not overly cropped, and well...perfect.
         The second? The sale guy. BUT I didn't just buy it because it was on sale (a mistake I'm ashamed to say I've made): it was honestly attracting me before I even saw the price. Made by eternally-perfect brand Theory, it's a deep hunter green and black motorcycle-style jacket with quilted sleeves. Perfect to give something a little too girly some edge.

        Boy oh boy am I excited to wear these. Of course, there was a Noreaster this week and I instead had to rock my absolutely stunningly stylish (sense the sarcasm), but super warm bulky parka. But the weather never listens to my fashion preferences.

        Now, onto some inspirational leather jacket photos. Styling!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Braving the Storm

Well, I did it.
I managed to survive in Manhattan last week, pilgrim/camping style. I never thought I'd use Oribe shampoo (and NO CONDITIONER!! the horror) in my kitchen sink. But I just couldn't bare a cold shower...

I also managed to walk approximately 30 miles throughout the island of Manhattan, stay in a 5-star hotel, and generally, toughen up.

However, many were not as lucky as me. Hurricane Sandy was an absolutely devastating event, and a real wake up call for many people. Always keep matches, candles, canned food, a flash light, playing cards, apples to apples, and most of all, faith, in one of your cabinets.

My friend Madeline sent me this email and I encourage you to donate.

"My friend, Megan, is from the Rockaways and was hit hard by the hurricane.  She's from a large family and many of them lost their homes entirely.  My family and I spent the weekend in the Rockaways and saw first hand how far-reaching the help is needed.  People are mostly fending for themselves without the help of FEMA and the Red Cross. If you have anything you're willing to donate please use the link below.  100% of donations will go directly toward families in need in Broad Channel, Rockaway, and Breezy Point."

Peace and Safety,