Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Home On the Range

Guess who’s back, back again? No, not Slim Shady ya’ll, it’s me. The past few months have been a dream-like whirlwind: I got a new job that I adore as a fashion assistant at Moda Operandi, meaning my wardrobe game has been upped majorly, and basically, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that Valentino rockstuds are the most comfortable shoes around (not ideal for your bank account, but trust me). Now that I’m finally settling into my new flow of walking to work, daily Bar Method, than back home, I’ve finally found sometime to blog, reinvigorating my passion for writing.

 I’ve decided that my first post now that I’m back on the radar should be about a long-time love of mine: cowgirl-inspired fashion. I’m not sure if it was the tremendous amount of time I spent at Cowgirl Hall of Fame from ages zero through five, or if it was the rendition of “Home on the Range” by James Taylor would lull me to sleep with as a wee one, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve adored the world of Western wear. I’m talkin’ about the real deal: cowboy boots, suede, fringe on fringe on fringe, turquoise belt buckles, basically Annie Get Your Gun stuff, but as imagined by Isabel Marant.

While I’ve never been to a dude ranch, I’m pretty sure several of my wardrobe pieces would fit in just fine there, as long as they didn’t get dirty, in which case, the dry cleaning would be quite pricey.

I’m basically obsessed with this image of Amber Valetta in Alaia from the mid-90s:

I would wear this daily in my pseudo-cowgirl life, complete with my Isabel Marant Milwaukee boots that I love so dearly (maybe in a different color). The more fringe, the merrier. This look would be right at home at the rodeo, albeit a caviar-and-champagne rodeo.

This Prada tote is also calling my name. I love how they weirded-out the classic silhouette with the absurd fringe. Plus, it’s on sale. Although still out of my budget for the moment.

I don’t think there is anything that better completes an outfit than a big, beat up belt with a cool vintage buckle. I collect them from cheap vintage stores near my mom’s house in San Francisco (Pretty Penny in Oakland always has an amazing selection). The more worn the leather is and the more matte the buckle is, the better. If vintage ain’t your thing, this Ralph Lauren is a good bet.

So please, excuse me while I ride off into the sunset with Armie Hammer in Lone Ranger garb on my stallion.