Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Braving the Storm

Well, I did it.
I managed to survive in Manhattan last week, pilgrim/camping style. I never thought I'd use Oribe shampoo (and NO CONDITIONER!! the horror) in my kitchen sink. But I just couldn't bare a cold shower...

I also managed to walk approximately 30 miles throughout the island of Manhattan, stay in a 5-star hotel, and generally, toughen up.

However, many were not as lucky as me. Hurricane Sandy was an absolutely devastating event, and a real wake up call for many people. Always keep matches, candles, canned food, a flash light, playing cards, apples to apples, and most of all, faith, in one of your cabinets.

My friend Madeline sent me this email and I encourage you to donate.

"My friend, Megan, is from the Rockaways and was hit hard by the hurricane.  She's from a large family and many of them lost their homes entirely.  My family and I spent the weekend in the Rockaways and saw first hand how far-reaching the help is needed.  People are mostly fending for themselves without the help of FEMA and the Red Cross. If you have anything you're willing to donate please use the link below.  100% of donations will go directly toward families in need in Broad Channel, Rockaway, and Breezy Point."

Peace and Safety,

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