Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Leather Jacket (or Two)

       For years, I've lusted after leather jackets. Unfortunately, as I hope you are aware if you are reading this, the good ones can get expensive. Quite a chunk of change for a college student. And also almost impractical as it is bound to end up with sticky beer spilled on it by clumsy males and the odor of chain smokers that stand outside the bar.

       This year, I've decided to tone down my shopping, and only buy classics. What does that mean? I'll spend more money on something that isn't a one-season wonder. Things I can pull out in two years and not hate. It's not to say that I haven't purchased a few trendy items, but they've been from stores like Zara, so if I wear them once and the next Prada knock-off is all the rage, it's okay.

         I figured a leather jacket was one of those classics. I mean, I have been trying them on since high school. Well, leave it to me to buy not one, but two leather jackets. I am currently still trying to justify why I bought two.
         The first is made by Mackage, a company that makes gorgeous coats. I've had one for years that has held up beautifully. They just get jackets. I'm so happy I bought this. It's the perfect color of beat up deep indigo (instead of black), and goes with absolutely everything. It's buttery soft, not overly cropped, and well...perfect.
         The second? The sale guy. BUT I didn't just buy it because it was on sale (a mistake I'm ashamed to say I've made): it was honestly attracting me before I even saw the price. Made by eternally-perfect brand Theory, it's a deep hunter green and black motorcycle-style jacket with quilted sleeves. Perfect to give something a little too girly some edge.

        Boy oh boy am I excited to wear these. Of course, there was a Noreaster this week and I instead had to rock my absolutely stunningly stylish (sense the sarcasm), but super warm bulky parka. But the weather never listens to my fashion preferences.

        Now, onto some inspirational leather jacket photos. Styling!

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