Thursday, December 29, 2011

For the Love of Dry Shampoo

Oh, dry shampoo, how I love thee? Let me count the ways…
      My entire life, I’ve had very thin, unruly, and wavy hair (as well as two cowlicks towards the crown of my head, but I’m not a devil, I swear…). While some can barely fit their hand around their ponytail, I could probably fit mine between two fingers. It does have it’s advantages; as straightening, blow-drying, and curling take mere minutes. But fine hair is also very prone to oiliness, and despite what almost every hair care professional recommends, I just can’t go without washing daily. After a 24-hour period, unlike thicker hair, that becomes much easier to style with fantastic curling ability, my hair sticks to my scalp, and quite frankly, looks absolutely horrible. So, as soon as I first read about Psssssst in Allure Magazine when I was probably eleven years old, I discovered the wonders of dry shampoo. When Bumble & Bumble released Hair Powder, I think I searched every retailer of their products until the shipments came in. At this point in time, almost every hair care company makes dry shampoo, and I think I use it almost daily. That being said, here are my favorites and how I use them:
The gold standard. Don’t let the $39 price tag scare you, this is a miracle product. Besides the fact that it an addicting scent similar to that of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue that lingers subtly all day, it is an incredible product, unlike anything else. It is not a dry shampoo, per se, but its own entity. I use this on freshly blow out hair for volume and texture that is unattainable for folks of my hair type otherwise. It gives a matte, sexy finish that is modern. It’s particularly wonderful for creating messy braids and updos, and helps hair stay in place.
One of the first, and still one of the best in my book. I love the To Go Size for my gym bag, it’s so refreshing after a work out when you are in a rush. This one has a clean, lemony scent that isn’t overpowering. I’ve used it in a pinch for volumizing and texturizing. My only tip? Keep the bottle in a separate plastic Ziplock, as it is bound to leak, and you don’t want the white powder all over your bag!
I don’t have a keratin treatment, nor will I ever get one because I think it is practically impossible to flatten my hair further. Regardless, you don’t need one to use this product, which is totally genius. With other dry shampoos, if you miss your roots with the spray, your skin gets a strange, powdery cast for the remainder of the day. Not with Keratin Complex. The pod of powder attaches to what looks like a large blush brush, and you can open or close the nozzle to release the desired amount so that you simply brush it directly on the roots. So brilliant – and the formula is excellent, scented subtly like a grape popsicle, but not sickeningly sweet. The powder comes in various colors, which makes it work overtime to disguise roots in addition to imparting mega-volume.
An oldie, but a goodie. Pssst was originally created for those who were unable to shower due to illness, or people on camping trips. I’ve never been a big camper, but Pssst should be a bathroom staple. Available almost everywhere, the classic white powder spray does exactly what it intends to. While too much of this can leave an ashy caste on dark hair, a small amount is enough to extend a blowout an extra day. Another tip I’ve used it to spray Pssst on a synthetic-bristle paddle brush or fine-tooth comb and brush immediately into roots and voila – mega-volume.

Disclaimer: Even though your hair can potentially look wonderful for days on end with the use of a good dry shampoo, please do us all a favor and continue to shower. Invest in an adorable shower cap – these from Urban Outfitters are pretty irresistible (and utterly ridiculous).  

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