Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bombay Dreams

          I can safely venture to say that in the past week, I’ve learned more than I have in 20 years. India has been incredible, and this is just the beginning.
View of the Arabian Sea from a coffee shop in Bandra
         Last night, on a terrace atop a sixteen-story building with an uncompromised view of the Arabian Sea, I contemplated how blessed I was to be somewhere as incredible as Bombay. lt’s a city of contrast, change, dreams, opportunity, devastation, poverty, wealth, and above all – an enchanting magic.
         Because my courses have yet to begin, I’ve had a little time to explore, but I’ve only scratched the surface. From the Gateway of India to Marine Drive to the fabulous seaside enclave of Bandra, there are numerous hotspots in Mumbai that I have already fallen in love with.

         My day isn’t complete without a fresh coconut water, and the colors of the city have inspired my dress and makeup style tremendously. The weather thus far has been a dream: about 80 degrees during the day, and a breezy 65 degrees at night. This means that all of the spring/summer trends I’ve been dying to try out since I saw them in September are wearable without potentially contracting frostbite, as they would have been at this time in New York.
Very chic girls wearing stunning saris
My finds so far: an embroidered pillow, jewelry
An Indian-style arm party
These earrings reminded me a bit of Chanel pre-fall: Paris Bombay
         I’ll end this post with pictures, because I think they express far more than my words could. Tomorrow I am doing makeup for a photoshoot, so a post about that should soon follow!


  1. Those bracelets and earrings are gorgeous!

  2. Love the oversize watch. Lovely blog.