Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inspiration: India

Classes have begun this week, thus, I haven't had any time to go on my usual photography expeditions. So I will focus on something that I saw just about a month before coming to India that reminded me that I was headed to the right place for learning, new beginnings, and exploration.
Chanel's Pre-Fall Metiers d'Art Collection this year was entitled Paris - Bombay. Karl Lagerfeld took inspiration from the menswear, rather than the traditional female dress, as he felt their looks are "more wearable". With classic Chanel touches mingling with the colors, patterns, and motifs of India, the result was stunning. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show. These are styles I would love to emulate in the coming months! I love the white-gold color satin he used - I have been seeing a lot of that here, but as mentioned, typically in menswear shops. When I find a good tailor, I am going to bring them some of these photos to hopefully construct a jacket that is reminiscent. The shoes are extremely refined versions of traditional styles that you can find in roadside shops in places like Link Road in Bandra for $3 or $4. I am thinking of buying a pair and seeing how I can jazz them up, DIY style.


  1. I LOVE this collection, it's beautiful. I actually watched this show on youtube and everything was just so mesmerizing!

  2. This is beautiful. I owned a Nehru jacket in the 1960s that I loved, and some Madras pedal-pushers. But these fabrics and colors and flowing yet structured lines are so much more wearable and timeless!

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