Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It Was All Done in Vain

          Behold the vanity – the heart and soul of every girl’s bedroom, bathroom, or closet. This is the place where us females (and some guys, too!) take themselves from tired to glam, from simple to stunning, or from ho-hum to ravishing. It’s not to say that we don’t look smashing without the addition of makeup, but there is something about the application of a little powder and rouge that makes you feel much more ready to face the big, beautiful world.

          Upon my arrival in the bay area in June, my mom surprised me with this fun vanity she won in an auction at the Alameda Antiques Faire and painted. The mirror is also from the auction, and you may remember the Virgin Mother pictures from my antiquing post back in January. The rest of the items have come together over the past few months. The lamps are from Target, the jewels on top are from my vintage collection, the silver box was part of a Godiva gift set, and the rest of the accessories are vintage from various little antique/flea markets all over.
          When seated upon the white, frilly stool, I get a rush of joy: it’s my favorite time of day – makeup time. I keep most of my cosmetics, hair accessories, and nail polishes in the drawers (the pulls are from Anthropologie) but allow my brushes and prettiest cosmetics to sit on top. It is a delight to have such a wonderful space for daily “beautification”, and I think it will become the site of filming for future Youtube tutorials.

          Oh, and sorry about the looooooong absence! Essentially, I had very little to blog about, as my life at the moment is quite a makeupless non-event. Thankfully, things are getting back in gear, and I will share some updates as soon as I can!

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