Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's a HOLIday

           Every makeup artist dreams of a day where they can splash their wildest colors of MAC pigments and Make Up For Ever Flash Creams on everyone they encounter. Well in India, my dream has come true, with a holiday called Holi. Celebrating the onset of spring, businesses, colleges, and just about everything else is closed so that friends and family can take to the streets and literally go hog-wild, splashing brightly colored pigments and water around until they resemble Dr. Seuss characters.
          On March 8th, which was Holi this year, I was advised to stay inside, as the pigments can stain light colored hair for weeks or even months. Since I’m the first to admit that my hair is a bit of an investment, I obliged. But looking at photos of Holi on Pinterest gave me the urge to at least see what it was all about. If nothing else, the color-mixing would serve as tremendous photoshoot inspiration.
From Pinterest

         I decided to walk around the area I live, and was greeted by numerous smiling faces who were happy to pose for photos showing off their Holi “best”. And by best, I mean brightest. The vivacity of the color and spirit was amazing. Almost all I came across spread a little pigment on my face (avoiding the hair) to wish me a “happy Holi”.

         I have far too many bright colors in my makeup kit to not use Holi as an inspiration for an upcoming shoot or two. Combined with minimal white clothing, the effect could be stunning. Stay tuned.

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